May 12, 2009

Contributor Programme



  1. One month legitimate Rapidshare account for 100 approved jokes.
  2. Payment done after all the 100 jokes have been approved.
  3. Time taken for approval is related to amount of jokes submitted (also by other contributors).

What type of jokes to submit?

  1. Jokes already present on the BFE blog will not be accepted.
  2. Jokes circulating via forwarded emails are encouraged.
  3. Chain letters should not be submitted.
  4. All jokes submitted must have an appropriate title.
  5. The jokes submitted should not be explicitly sexual. Those containing acceptable sexual content may be accepted upon decision of management staff.
  6. Jokes pertaining to racism and religion are prohibited.
  7. The management staff of BFE has the right to refuse the approval of any joke without any reason.
  8. The decision of the management staff is final and non-negotiable.

How to participate in the BFE Contributor programme?

  1. Contact the management staff.
  2. The management staff will confirm if you are eligible for this programme and will give you a username, eg. yourname_jokes. Each joke you submit should have that code. Eg, your first submission will be yourname_jokes_1. This code is used to track your submitted jokes for payment. Do not forget to add a title to your jokes.
  3. The jokes can be sent via email to the address specified by the management team.


  1. All Rapidshare accounts given away are legitimate.
  2. The Management Staff of BFE reserves the right to discontinue the Contributor Programme without any prior notice.
To register, send us your email address here.
Management Team.

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