Jun 16, 2010

Painless labour for mom and dad!

A lady and her husband,who went to the hospital to give birth to their child, heard of a new technology from the doctor, which would transfer the labour pain from the mother to the father.

The couple were both excited and very much in favour of it. The doctor however said that, to start with, he would transfer only 10% of the pain, as even that small amount of pain would be too much for the father. They agreed and the doctor started the transfer.

The father did not show any signs of pain as the doctor kept increasing the amount of transfer. The transfer was complete at one stage with 100% pain transferred to the father. The father was comfortable even at that stage and the mother delivered the baby. The couple left the hospital with the baby, literally painless and ecstatic, only to return home and find the mailman dead on the porch!


Philip Kushmaro said...

um didn't get the painless labour joke here. that is more like a horror movie kind of thing.

As mi said...

lol no. this means all pains were transferred to the mailman instead of the father :p

Nice reading to you :)

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