Jun 12, 2010


One night, Superman was on the roof of a tall building looking around the city for something to do.

Unfortunately, he couldn't find anything to do so he called Batman.
"Hello." said Batman.
"Hey Batman, it's Superman. Want to hang out tonight?"
"Oh I can't." said Batman, "Robin and I are washing the Bat Mobile."
"Alright, maybe another time then. Bye." said Superman.

So Superman looked around some more for something to do then he decided to call Aquaman.
"Hello." said Aquaman.
"Hey Aquaman, it's Superman. What are you up to?"
"I'm training dolphins right now and I really can't talk." said Aquaman.
"Ok, bye." said Superman.
"Bye." said Aquaman.

So once again Superman was looking around for something to do
when all of a sudden, through an open window, he sees Wonder Woman lying naked in bed.
So he gets an idea.
With his super speed, he flies in the window, f*cks her in an instant and flies back out.
Then Wonder Woman said "What the hell was that?!?"
and the Invisible Man said "I don't know, but it just tore the hell out of my ass!!!"

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